呈交理工学院manifesto课题 [Manifesto FST diserahkan]

4 Oktober 2012 - Ahmad Yasyri dan Low Mee Yein selaku ahli Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar UKM telah membuat pertemuan dan perbincangan bersama Dekan Fakulti Sains dan Teknologi UKM, Prof. Dr. Sahrim Ahmad mengenai permasalahan yang timbul sekitar fakulti ini. Disamping itu juga, pertemuan selama satu jam ini dimanfaatkan juga dengan perbincangan perlaksanaan manifesto di FST yang telah mendapat sokonga
n daripada pihak pentadbiran FST. Kertas kerja perlaksanaan manifesto itu juga telah diserahkan kepada pihak Dekan dengan harapan usaha itu dapat diteruskan dan diperincikan pada masa yang terdekat ini.

Menurut Dekan FST, Prof. Dr. Sahrim Ahmad, usaha dalam menjaga kebajikan mahasiswa/i selaku "stakeholders" adalah menjadi tumpuan beliau walaupun perlu memfokuskan terhadap usaha meningkatkan KPI FST dalam bidang-bidang tertentu. Oleh itu, pendekatan mahasiswa terutama pimimpin pelajar haruslah berkehadapan dalam berani memanjangkan sebarang permasalahan itu kepada pihak pentadbiran FST, UKM mahupun negara.

--Sumber dipetik daripada 
Facebook, Ahmad Yasyri .

2012年10月4日 - 国大学生理事会会员Ahmad Yasyri 与卢美迎,于今日午时跟国大理工学院的院长,Prof. Dr. Sahrim Ahmad 进行了会面与会谈及有关学院所面对的课题。在这一个小时的会谈中,也谈及到有关理工学院的管理层对于实行理工学院的宣言是给与相当的支持的。有关宣言的文件已经交上给该学院院长,希望能够在近期内被实行。

据理工学院院长, Prof. Dr. Sahrim Ahmad 指出,除了要专注于提升理工学院各项的KPI 以外,照顾学生的福利也是他所关注的事项之一。因此应该以大学生的平台,特别是学生代表需要勇于向有关学院、校方、甚至远至国家提出所有相关的课题与事项。

--资料源自于Facebook, Ahmad Yasyri。

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  1. DKG111F lecture hall is in really bad condition for very long time already.

  2. i think it is high time for ccc to issue a statement on the future direction of the movement in view of the extremely poor performance of its candidates in the recently concluded ukm campus election. during my time back 3 to 4 years ago, all seats contested by ccc will usually won. ccc will have about 5-7 representatives in pmukm. now only one candidate won out of the 7. can ccc continue to claim to represent the chinese students in ukm? let bygones be bygones. ccc should focus on the future direction. my advise is to abandon the aspirasi coalition and join gmukm instead. gmukm has became stronger over the years at the expense of aspirasi but at the same time suffer the lack of chinese representation. i believe gmukm will welcome ccc into the fold as it will be a win-win situation for both. after all, ccc was once a coalition partner in gmukm before aspirasi was formed. ccc as to be practical, realistic and far-sighted. if ccc refuses to change and reform itself, it will be wipe-out soon in ukm and there will be no chinese representation in pmukm at all.

  3. join GMUKM to become mat rempit and drive opposite of the road?i dun thk is represent chinese culture also..LOL.really "strong" in vandalism.

  4. GMUKM is too Islamic, Aspirasi is too weak, so CCC has to stand alone? Joining a particular coalition because they have more power and getting stronger? Cooperation built upon power instead of consensus and common values will not last long! Think twice before you move, otherwise Chinese will be condemned for their selfishness and greed, "HOPPING FROG"

  5. there is nothing wrong with being 'too islamic'. ccc is also too chinese. pah is also too indian. ask the ccc mpp of last session these question. did gmukm denied the program approvals of ccc? did gmukm denied funding for ccc programs? did gmukm denied ccc mpp any official positions in the pmukm? when aspirasi was in power, they denied gmukm all the above. moreover, ccc had 'jump' once from gmukm to aspirasi many years ago and caused aspirasi to win the pmukm. ccc can't claim to be 'innocent' because already jump once. isn't last time ccc jumped to aspirasi also because of power? ccc leaders were smart enough last time to jump. otherwise, if ccc continued under gmukm they would have been wiped out during the years of aspirasi leading the pmukm. similarly, i can foresee such thing to happen now. it is about political survival. smart leaders will act according to circumstances and sometimes, may need to sacrifice principles. my advice to the current ccc leaders, try to negotiate with gmukm and see how it goes. if you cannot fight them, join them. the future of ccc depends on the wisdom of the current leaders. it may be a painful decision but it will produce long term benefits. to all ccc members, please go and ask your last session leaders on what they have done that caused the current ccc candidates to lose terribly. are you going to punish them for their inefficiencies and failures?

  6. agree. the previous ccc mpp and leaders must be held accountable for the poor performance of ccc in the recently concluded campus election. they have done a lousy job and now the new generation of ccc leaders and members will have to suffer the consequences. can we let them retire and wash their hands off after leaving such a huge trouble? can we wish them happy graduation? even leaders like pak lah and ong ka ting have taken responsibilities on the 2008 tsunami. if we don't punish and sanction them, it will set a very bad example and send a wrong message. leaders can just do a poor job and leave the 'shit' to the younger generation to clean it. will you do that, dear ccc members???

  7. Instead of saying previous batch fault, i thk is Aspirasi too weak. They let GMUKM win 7 seats without competitor. Is it very funny? Let GMUKM lead by 7-0 at the beginning? Then you send what seat of CCC take part. I duno why they will lost at Umum 1/2, but is very hard to win Umum 3/4. I think their candidates is more on faculty. And CCC have to stand alone to fight with 2 GMUKM candidates for 2 seats for FST, student who wan to vote ccc also need to vote one for GMUKM, otherwise it will be "undi rosak" because you just cross at one. How to win? LOL

  8. so you are saying that lousy leaders need not be punished for their poor performance? if this is the culture, then ccc will continue to have lousy leaders in the future. accountability is very important for a good leader. members can still accept if a leader fails in his job, but definitely not acceptable when such leader is not held accountable. it is like a crime is committed, but the criminal is not punished. members may ask why use the campus election results as a measurement to determine the leadership quality of ccc president and his/her exco. is there any better yardstick? putting the blame to aspirasi is just an easy way out and irresponsible. isn't as a coalition, all the components like aspirasi, ccc and pah need to be collectively responsible? perhaps the idea of joining gmukm is too extreme, but punishing the previous ccc leaders for their inefficiencies is definitely appropriate. this will serve as a reminder to the new leaders to perform and bring ccc back to its glory days. otherwise, ccc is doomed........

  9. absolutely agree. not holding failed leaders responsible is a culture worse than gmukm's mat rempit, drive opposite of the road of katak jumping parties. it will reflect poorly on both previous leaders and the current leaders. in the end, members will lose confidence. please bear in mind, ccc is actually a student activist/political movement representing the chinese students in ukm. leaders must have values like accountability competency and leadership qualities.

  10. There are few factors tat ccc doesn't perform well in this year PRK. Have you analyst those factors? It doesn't mean put all the blame to Aspirasi or PAH or ccc, because it was just one of the factors, but it also see how they manage to nominate a suitable candidates. Do you blame your lecturer if you din perform well? Is like a crime committed, den you go punish the criminal's brothers/sisters/parents? I think ccc should transform and gain more vote from non-chinese, and chinese student is getting lesser at UKM. Their direction should not just focus on chinese anymore.

  11. are you trying to put a list of other factors so that to absolve ccc leaders from responsibilities? or are you suggesting that ccc leaders are not to be blamed at all for the election losses? i afraid that you are in a mode of self-denial or syok sendiri. just like a fish starts to rot from the head, ccc started to decline due to the incompetency of the leaders. why bother to have leaders if they are immune from taking blame? don't tell me that the previous ccc leaders and mpp are there just to enjoy the positions, benefits etc but refused to shoulder responsibilities? nevertheless, i agree on your point that ccc needs complete transformation. reduce talking about physical issues like bus service, kolej kediaman, cafe and so on. these issues are trivial, repetitive and boring. focus on more holistic issues like student empowerment, freedom of academic, multi-racial cooperation and national issues which are more befitting of a mahasiswa standard. again, these changes will have to start from the leaders first.

  12. so your opinions is to sanction the previous ccc 29th leaders? or current ccc 30th one? if ccc 29th, how to sanction? they already retire. if ccc 30th, ask current leaders to step down?

  13. As i say is there are so many factors that caused election losses. I just listed the few factors/possibilities but not to absolve ccc leaders from responsibilities, since they lose 2 years ago, they seem like lost in direction for concentrate on physical issues as you mentioned. Browsing through the previous post, we cant just deny that what previous ccc mpp/leaders have contributed. They are not shaking leg and doing nothing. But i would like to word it as "lost in direction" and this is for Aspirasi/PAH as well. And i agreed with you that water, wifi, electric issues are repetitive. They should do more activities/program to increase the quality of mahasiswa. Hope that new leaders can lead this changes.

  14. Hey guys, have a look here.

    Dari segi calon, ketiadaan calon di lima kerusi dari ASPIRASI dan kesilapan teknikal di dua kerusi semasa proses penamaan sudah cukup membuktikan jentera ASPIRASI tidak membuat persediaan yang mencukupi. Malah inilah kali pertama bilangan kerusi menang tanpa bertanding paling banyak sejak 10 tahun yang lalu. Maka sangat ketara bahawa persediaan calon tahun ini gagal disempurnakan dengan baik oleh jentera ASPIRASI. Malah meletakkan calon yang tidak 'winable' juga menambahkan lagi keperitan ASPIRASI untuk memenangi kerusi PRK UKM. Politik kampus UKM sama seperti di luar kampus masih taksub dengan poltik etnik. Apabila ASPIRASI meletakkan calon bukan Melayu di fakulti yang hampir 75% pengundi adalah pelajar Melayu, itu bolehlah dianggap sebagai satu tindakan cubaan 'membunuh diri'?

    Calon-calon CCC dan PAH kelihatan pada kebanyakan masa berkempen dalam kelompok mereka sendiri termasuk di kelas-kelas dan kawasan umum. Malah, sebuah risalah tertulis "KAMI MINORITI tetapi kami mewakili MAJORITI mahasiswa" seakan-akan mengiakan telahan awal CCC dan PAH tidak mendapat bantuan sokongan penyokong Aspirasi dan bakal ditolak dengan teruk dalam sesi pemilihan kali ini.

  15. oh dear. i am not a ccc member. but i am a keen observer of ukm student politics. seems like the lack of accountability in ccc is due to the weakness in the organisational structure and the timing of the campus election. correct me if i am wrong. you mean the ccc mpp and top leaders of last session already retire/step down? is it before the campus election or after? anyway, i do understand that the campus election for this term was delayed from last semester. i strongly advise the current leaders to develop a mechanism to enhance accountability whether for themselves or the next generation. set a kpi(key performance indicator) like to win back the lost seats in the coming campus election and lay out the steps to attain it. announce the kpi to members and execute it. set a clear direction and let members know about it. ccc needs to learn to operate like a student political/activist movement and not to be too concerned on championing/organising annual pesta tanglung, angpow, kelas mandarin etc. focus more on real 'mahasiswa' issues like academic freedom, student empowerment, national issues, leadership, governance etc. organise more intellectual forum, discourse and use the sudut pidato. otherwise, why bother to field candidates to contest campus election? just remain non-political like jaksa, persatuan mahasiswa fakulti etc and conduct your same old annual events. go and learn how gmukm operate. whether for political or non-political events, gmukm have strong grass root support. you have seen their numbers during nomination day. for ccc, you only have people during pesta this and that. people come because they want to enjoy, not because they support ccc. for campus politics, ccc really lack the grass root support.

  16. i must remind ccc/aspirasi/pah. the playing field is not level in ukm campus election. you have the support of ukm hep, pengetua kolej, jaksa etc. the equation is like this. gmukm (1 party) vs aspirasi & hep & kolej &...... (many parties). yet you still lose and win only one seat. gmukm is much stronger than you see now but weakened by these unfairness. if the election is fair, ccc would be completely wipe out and gmukm will win more seats. traditional safe seats for ccc like umum 1/2 and fep also can lose. stop being in denial syndrome and start to reform. change now or otherwise you will be changed.........

  17. this campus election is lead by new ccc leaders. i think your are partially correct. you know what? i think we are very selfish. when they needed help, we were nowhere to be seen. but now, after campus election, we keep blaming them.
    1. i think ccc/chinese/pah/indian are in dilemma. we cannot deny declining numbers of chinese/indian are not one of the causes they lost. to be honest, we are still stuck in mindset of choosing own race when voting. this one we cannot deny. under such condition, how chinese/indian not lose? for example, fep always has a lot of chinese students, but this year, only have 30+...
    2. i had been observing the election from start to end. right from the beginning, aspirasi lost 7 seats, all MTB. fpi, fpend etc. obvious that they were not well prepared. after nomination, first banner i saw was all chinese banners. first people i saw campaigning was chinese candidates. i don't understand what happened to aspirasi, i heard they keep escaping from stumble upon gmukm when campaigning. but i once saw ccc (only ccc) candidates eat and campaign at same cafe with gmukm. if we blame the loss for ccc leaders' incompetence, i would say most responsibilities are on aspirasi machinery.
    3. why aspirasi(along with ccc&pah) sent 6 candidates for 5 umum tahun 1/2 seats? inside got 4 from aspirasi, 2 from ccc. if according to past year ratio, should be 3 from aspirasi, 2 from ccc. and there are rumours (or real) that aspirasi broke the deal by sending 1 more candidates. 1 votes is equal with 2 votes. aspirasi more 1 people, means possible 2 from their side will get washed away. and usually it will be chinese or indian be the victim. day before voting day, i received sms and fliers for menu of voting. i notice something is wrong with aspirasi version. the sms i receive from a kdo junior didnt have name of chinese, fliers is another version. how can ccc not lose?
    gmukm is very well-prepared and organized, no matter from campaigning or strategic-planning. all their candidates are confident and friendly. their machinery also have a lot of people. gmukm flags and shirts can be seen everywhere. their morale is very high and they are very determined to win. however, if we say aspirasi with ukm hep, kolej, jaksa; gmukm is with pmf and even political force outside. i was there when waiting for election result. what kind of student party will say "TOLAK UMNO KAMPUS! MARA KE PUTRAJAYA!"? i think i need not explain too much.
    i am neither side. but instead of blaming on everyone, why not we be constructive by giving suggestion and opinions that might help in reformation? we also hope our junior can be good

  18. ok. fine. let us not play the blame game. don't look back. look forward instead. let me explain point by point.

    1. students still vote based on skin colour. there is no way for ccc to win based solely on chinese votes. even if ccc has good candidates and machinery, how are you going to convince malay students to vote for your candidates? are you going to rely on aspirasi's machinery to fish the malay votes for ccc candidates? we all know that aspirasi has a very weak leadership and machinery. if not for pengetua, hep and jaksa, aspirasi is really nothing. can ccc reduce the reliance on aspirasi to get malay votes? how can ccc get closer to the malay electorate?

    2. i suppose that the 7 seats menang tanpa bertanding is allocated to malay candidates from aspirasi. why they fail to nominate candidate? are they short of winnable people or aspirasi themselves are divided into factions? if aspirasi cannot send candidate, why not allow ccc and pah to contest. better than allow gmukm win for free. now you attribute the losses more on the weaknesses of aspirasi and not on ccc's leaders. can you see now? aspirasi is willing to sacrifice the 7 seats rather than allow their partners, i.e. ccc and pah to contest. this is so selfish. when ccc candidates campaign, aspirasi is no where to be seen. both have their own campaign schedule. where is the teamwork? if that is the case, what is the meaning of staying in aspirasi? both already lost mutual trust. want to continue in the same ship and sink together? why not jump ship to gmukm?

    3. you already admit that aspirasi broke the arrangement and send 4 candidates for umum instead of 3. why is there a difference in voting menu for aspirasi? how come ccc names are not included? in the end, the victims are ccc candidates. aspirasi is sabotaging ccc!!! again, what is the meaning of staying in aspirasi? already no respect for each another.

    4. ask yourself why gmukm is so organised, having so many grass root members and high morale. why their malay members support gmukm so hardcore but not aspirasi? why you don't see aspirasi malay getting such support? in ukm, there is no other credible movement representing chinese students. ccc has an almost monopoly. yet why ccc members don't show the support like gmukm members when it comes to campus politics? ccc branded itself as a normal student body focusing on leisure and academic activities like pesta tanglung, angpow, kelas mandarin and so on. these activities can attract people to join ccc for fun only but no for campus politics.

    5. i really suggest ccc to learn political skills from gmukm. if gmukm have support from outside, ccc should do the same. if gmukm use the slogan 'umno kampus' on aspirasi, ccc should use 'pas kampus' on gmukm. i can tell you that gmukm leaders have practical political skills. they are active outside of ukm. ccc should do the same. don't appoint members that are good in organising events to lead ccc and contest election. get real 'politician' student to lead ccc.

    conclusion, ccc will be doomed if no solid transformation efforts are taken. problem is the top leaders of ccc now are not mpp themselves except for one person. they will suffer from the lack of exposure on campus politics, lack of interaction with ukm students, lack of problem solving skills and lack of experience on how to fight gmukm simply because they are not mpp. how are they suppose to mentor the younger generation and also to prepare ccc for the next campus election?

  19. 一大堆马后炮,成绩出来才来开炮... 不见得他在普选之前帮忙出点子... 华人就是这样,要帮忙的时候一直找你,有问题就大大声骂,好像理所当然,然后要他们支持和协助的时候就不见人影.. 什么member都是假的啦.. 华人有喜欢搞分裂,国内几千个华团都是这样搞出来的,没有什么团结,个个要做龙头老大.. 楼上那位朋友,你以为CCC要像GM全职搞政治很容易啊?华裔子弟会告诉你!搞活动就好,打game Paktor就好!我妈妈说不可以搞政治哦!校园选举最好要不要参,专心读书就好!政治冷感,使到学生不会下场竞选,不会帮忙kempen, 口说改变口说不公平,却毫无行动!国家的前景是靠我们去打造的!大家要醒了!

  20. 1. skin colour. CCC can try to expose more to Malay students, but they still need strong support from their ally. why? today MCA still needs UMNO, DAP needs PAS to get Malay votes. At last, Malay will prefer to choose Malay rather than a Chinese unless the Chinese candidate is much much more better.

    2. Today no students are willing to stand out and become a candidate to serve people. you can ask your friends, how many of them are really interested to do so? for them, it is time consuming and no benefit at all. Are they aware of their rights? some dont even want to vote!

    3. Be realistic, most of the students only want to concentrate on their study. In their view, other activities are more beneficial than joining campus politics especially Chinese. None of them will sacrifice their time and effort to contribute for campus election, even though being a machinery member. They think that it is better not to touch because politics is dirty and only involving certain people, nothing related to them.

    4. I tell you, many Uni Chinese org including CCC, and also Tiong Hwa UPM, their main objective is to help their members in organizing activities by joining election and of course voicing out students opinions of campus and national issues. But I tell you they wont learn any skills like GM does because they dont want to allow anybody outside to interfere their matters. they prefer to train, choose leaders and do everything by themselves.

    Definitely GM will be stronger because they are trained to be a politician but not a student leader! They have their own mission and agenda to achieve, no comment on that but Chinese Org or Persatuan Bahasa Cina is to promote cultural things and only voice out on certain issues by the way of issuing statement. So they are not too political minded like Aspirasi or Pro M. Joining campus politics is to help students and their society, so their scope is purely for students, no influence from outsiders. You can condemn all of them, but this is indeed their true mission

  21. Saya adalah ahli GMUKM, bagi saya CCC sepatutnya banyak belajar dari PRK lepas tentang pelbagai isu yang berlaku, contohnya wujudnya sentimen perkauman

    Calon-calon CCC dan PAH kelihatan pada kebanyakan masa berkempen dalam kelompok mereka sendiri termasuk di kelas-kelas dan kawasan umum. Malah, sebuah risalah tertulis "KAMI MINORITI tetapi kami mewakili MAJORITI mahasiswa" seakan-akan mengiakan telahan awal CCC dan PAH tidak mendapat bantuan sokongan penyokong Aspirasi dan bakal ditolak dengan teruk dalam sesi pemilihan kali ini.

    Mengapa GMUKM boleh menggapai kemenangan sedangkan GMUKM vs Aspirasi, HEP, UMNO dan kenapa GMUKM berjaya memenangi 7 kerusi MTB dengan mudah dan ini sangat memalukan

    Berkaitan pemimpin GMUKM, saya nampak mereka ini rajin membaca. Antara buku-buku yang menjadi silibus adalah "The Six Stratergians" karangan Zhu-Ghe Liang, "The Art Of War" karangan Sun Tzu...Belajar Lebih Baik!

    "Politic is not just about winning but it is about having peoples trust"

    "Leader is the ordinary people that have FAITH, INFLUENCE, CHIVALRY, AND HONOR...


  22. I'm try not to blame people..

    peace be upon you..

    please, may I writen it in malay.

    Sejujurnya kebanyakkan dari kami adalah pimpinan sama ada di sekolah, matrikulasi dan sebagainya.

    Kenapa kami pilih GMUKM? Sebab agama.

    Semasa Dialog Antara Agama, saya belajar sesuatu daripada pandangan agama Kristian tentang agama dan politik. "There cannot be two voice (the Pope and the Rome's) that lead the people" - (andai saya salah sila betulkan)

    Kenapa sebab agama?
    Kami ambil contoh Nabi kami, bagaimana Muhammad SAW memerintah Madinah dan sejarahnya. Kenapa baginda menolak tawaran pemimpin musyrikin Mekah dan sebagainya. Kami belajar dari pembacaan. Dan kami selalu ber'usrah' sesama kami, berbincang.

    Kami membaca. Dan kami cuba untuk aplikasi pembacaan kami. Akui. Kami juga membaca The Art Of War tetapi dalam versi Muhammad's Art of War.

    Apabila ia berkaitan dengan agama, kami perlu komited. Tidak seperti sesetengah orang yang mengatakan mereka adalah orang Islam, kami akan letakkan ketakutan kami kepada Tuhan. Dan Tuhan ada berkata berkenaan janji. Mungkin boleh 'google' - Surah As Saff ayat 3 ( link: http://www.surah.my/61 ).

    Kemudian dalam Surah As Saff ayat 4, ia menegaskan supaya kami apabila melakukan sesuatu perkara itu mesti 'smart' atau 'organize'.

    Realitinya, semasa tahun satu, kita semua sama. Tidak tahu apa-apa berkenaan pengurusan dan sebagainya. Tetapi kemudian kami melatih diri kami sendiri. Dan kami banyak pergi program-program yang melatih soft-skill kami, sama ada dalam universiti mahupun luar dan anjuran sesiapa pun..kami datang. Sebab kami nak belajar cara mereka berkomunikasi, bagaimana mereka meneliti sesuatu perkara. Ambil contoh, jika perasan, kadang-kadang di fakulti, di surau atau masjid, persatuan-persatuan dalam universiti, kerap ada program. Dan kami belajar dari program-program yang kami buat sendiri.

    Ambil contoh:
    1. Bengkel Dakwah Melalui Media - kami belajar media di sini
    2. Bengkel Temuduga - kami latih soft-skill di sini
    3. Bicara/Sembang Siswa/Diskusi - kami mendengar dan belajar bagaimana mereka hendak menyampaikan sesuatu isu

    Tetapi... kebiasaanya program-program sebegini, program-program yang kami anjurkan.. kebiasaannya tiada 'participation' daripada mereka yang selain 'non-muslim' dan 'non-malay' (saya rasa kurang selesa sebut perkataan itu) menyertai aktiviti kami. Terasa seperti...kami anjurkan untuk kami sahaja.

    Jauh dari sudut hati kami, kami sedih sebab kurang rakan Chinese, Indian.


    Abdul Fattah Sadiq Bin Abd Hafidz

  23. Kenapa saya pilih Aspirasi

    i) Sepanjang 4 tahun di UKM, GMUKM sentiasa menggunakan politik kotor terutamanya menjelang PRK untuk mengaut undi simpati. Semasa saya tahun satu, saya pernah menyaksikan "keranda kecil" di bangunan canselori dan mengatakan Demokrasi mati,selepas itu PTM dikepong oleh GMUKM yang kalian mengatakan yang banyak membaca. Selepas Demokrasi "hidup" semula, GMUKM pergi sepak pintu kolej, horn di tengah malam dan menunggang motorsikal macam samseng jalanraya yang dikatakan akan letakkan ketakutan kamu kepada Tuhan? Kenapa pemimpin GMUKM tidak menghalang kelakuan tersebut?

    Kegagalan GMUKM menganjurkan Pesta Konvo dan menuduh jari kepada pihak lain.Semasa saya tahun 1-2, saya dan rakan2 beriah-riah nak pergi pesta konvo dan ia telah mempunyai publisiti yang cukup. Banyak gerai makanan dan lain2. Tetapi semasa GMUKM menganjurkan Pesta Konvo, saya langsung tidak mengetahui selagi i lalu di Dewan Gemilang. Tetapi hanya ada separuh gerai sahaja yg beroperasi dan nampak kosong sahaja. Apa salah kalau jujur mengaku kesilapan sebab first time dan kurang pengalaman menganjurkan pesta konvo dan ia boleh dimaafkan.Tetapi GMUKM memilih untuk menyalahkan pihak2 tertentu dengan fitnah dan sbgnya.

    Dan i sering lihat MPP GMUKM sindir dan melabelkan MPP Aspirasi sebagai Muslim yang kurang sembahyang dan lain2. Saya nak tanya sikit. Adakah kamu mempunyai kuasa untuk menilai siapa yang iman atau sembahyang sebab kamu GMUKM? I berpendapat ini semua terletak di kuasa tuhan.

    Akhirnya, saya rasa Aspirasi yang dapat memupuk perpaduan antara kaum di UKM. Mereka ikhlas hadir dalam program kebudayaan cina dan menyaksikan persembahan sehingga tamat. Tidak seperti GMUKM yang datang sbb nak tunjuk muka dan cabut tak sampai 1 jam!

    Saya kurang minat dengan pemimpin yang membenarkan anak buah melakukan vandelisme, saya kurang minat pemimpim yang tidak mengaku kesilapan dan menuduh jari kepada pihak lain.Saya kurang minat pemimpin yang tidak ikhlas memupuk perpaduan di UKM. Saya kurang minat terhadap pemimpin yang menghalalkan cara demi matlamat. Oleh itu, i pilih Aspirasi.

  24. apakah aspirasi itu baik sangat? menggunakan ugutan seperti buang kolej, tekanan jaksa dan pengetua untuk paksa pelajar mengundi aspirasi. ccc juga menggunakan ugutan seperti mengundi gmukm akan menjadikan ukm ini kampus islam di mana semua perempuan kena pakai tudung, lelaki dan perempuan akan diasingkan dan graduan ukm susah nak dapat kerja kerana dari universiti pembangkang. kamu tak rasa hairan kenapa aspirasi/ccc/pah tiada penyokong akar umbi yang sentiasa menyokong gerakan mereka? berbanding gmukm yang ada ratusan penyokong tegar. tengok masa perarakan penamaan calon, jentera pilihan raya gmukm dan malam pengumuman keputusan pilihan raya. aspirasi hanya 'survive' sehingga hari ini kerana ada sokongan hep ukm, pengetua kolej dan jaksa. tanpa semua ini, aspirasi akan kalah lebih banyak kerusi.

  25. ccc is at a cross road now. from the results of the campus election, it is clear that ukm students have rejected ccc as a body to represent student voice/politics/activism. the chinese students are usually less socially/politically conscious. they are more self-centric and their focus in ukm is to study and graduate with a good results. even during their free time, they are reluctant to join activities. they prefer to play games, hang out, makan and do revision. for ccc to survive in campus politics, you need the participation of the chinese students. but the simply won't join ccc for politics. they will only join ccc for fun reasons.

  26. ccc has to make a drastic decision now.

    a) to pull out of campus politics and focus itself purely as a student body focusing on chinese culture. don't bother to send people to contest campus election and eventually rejected by the electorate and face embarrassment like now. running election is very time, energy and money consuming. focus these resources to conduct student activities instead. moreover, ccc doesn't have the support of chinese students when it comes to campus politics. but ccc can attract huge participation for non-political events like pesta tanglung, angpow, kelas mandarin etc. but i must warn you that without ccc in aspirasi for campus politics, aspirasi will be further weakened and it is just a matter of time that aspirasi will be terminated completely. pah is too small to make any difference. gmukm will monopoly the entire campus. just like how uia now is dominated by pro-mahasiswa. even if later ccc wants to rejoin the ukm student politics, will ccc dare to stand alone and fight gmukm?

    b) ccc needs to reform itself if want to stay politically relevant in campus politics. and ccc must behave itself like a political party, just like gmukm. ccc must have 'politicians' to become leaders and focus its resources to 'play politics'. ccc still can continue doing the traditional annual events but need to be more vocal on issues affecting mahasiswa. not petty issues like wifi, bus, cafe and kolej but important national issues. don't become yes man to the hep anymore. ccc needs to challenge the hep just like how the case of ukm4 fssk students sued ukm in court and declared sec. 15 of auku as unconstitutional. can ccc transform itself before the next campus election?

    and why until now there is no official statement from ccc leaders on its future direction being published in this blog? why the latest 2 postings are copied from the facebook of this guy named Ahmad Yasyri? dear ccc leaders, are you still sleeping????

  27. Maksud kamu, kamu nak saya sokong pemimpin yang membenarkan anak buah melakukan vandelisme, tidak mengaku kesilapan dan menuduh jari kepada pihak lain, tidak ikhlas memupuk perpaduan di UKM, yang menghalalkan cara demi matlamat? Apa guna penyokong ratusan yang berkelakuan macam samseng mengepong PTM, bawa motor macam mat rempit? sepak pintu kolej? Boleh kamu jelaskan? Inikah kelakuan digelar sebagai mahasiswa? Berhenti tabur fitnah sebab saya tak pernah pun dengar perempuan kena pakai tudung, Tapi sudah mula lelaki dan perempuan kena duduk berasingan pun.

  28. there is also ccc mpp inside ahmad yasyri's posting, isn't it? what is wrong with it? and i agree with persons previously say that we are so selfish. when they need help, where are we? and now we keep jumping out and blame them? maybe that is why so many people don't want to be in campus politics. pity

  29. dua-dua pihak pun ada guna cara tak halal. ini lah realiti politik sama ada di kampus atau di luar. politik itu memang ada sedikit sebanyak elemen kekotoran. menghalalkan cara demi matlamat adalah lumrah politik. sama ada aspirasi (menggunakan ugutan buang kolej, pengetua, jaksa) ataupun gmukm (menggunakan agama, vandalisme, demonstrasi). terpulang pada pengundi nak sokong siapa pun. cuma jika nak banding dengan guna kayu ukuran bilangan kerusi pmukm dan bilangan penyokong setia, gmukm jauh mendahului aspirasi. apatah lagi, aspirasi mempunyai ccc dan pah di pihaknya. cuma nasihat di sini, jika mana-mana individu atau badan pelajar tidak dapat menerima hakikat politik yang 'kejam' seperti saya sebut di atas, tak usah terlibat dengan politik kampus. belajar rajin-rajin atau masuk badan bukan politik di ukm. apatah lagi dengan auku dipinda membenarkan mahasiswa menjadi ahli parti politik, perkembangan politik kampus ukm akan menjadi lebih rancak dan mencabar. pihak yang lemah akan disingkirkan dan kali ini ccc dan pah menjadi mangsa. yang pelik adalah macam mana ccc dan pah boleh kalah kerana gmukm langsung tiada perwakilan suara mahasiswa cina dan india. mengapa boleh kalah bertanding di kerusi selamat tradisi mereka?

  30. Sorry to say, Chinese are less interested to involve in campus politics and also main stream activities organized by University such as Pesta Konvo and others. They like to remain in their own group. To be fully active in politics, it is good but we must ask "is it enforceable for chinese in UKM?". Other Uni have those full time student political movement(chinese based) like UMANY, DEMA and Student Progressive Front, but I tell you, in fact they only have few members.

    They keep fighting for students, but as we see, their voice is getting lower compared to few years ago, they are facing problems to get students involved. They are disappointed with selfishness of those students. Malay student movements can always attract many members, even Aspirasi is weak but they still manage to have enough members, they are willing to sacrifice, GM is much more in front of them.

    Hey I m a Chinese, My dear Chinese students, stand up and work together with our Malay, Indian and other friends if you want a better campus. Sitting in your room and facing your laptop wont contribute anything, come and join together! why are you afraid to vote, to help and to be a part of campus politics? The world is more open now, no more rigid restriction, just do it with our beloved UKM friends! I hope in the future, all of you will be a strong voice! Good Luck!

  31. Sebab Selangor ni kaw pembangkang. Dia org banyak backup dan ajar GMUKM taktik-taktik kotor. Kalah lah Aspiras/CCC/PAH yang mentah dalam politik.

  32. of course there is a problem in ahmad yasyri's posting. the issues raised in fst and kolej kediaman are usually wifi, water, electric, bus matters. these issues have become non-issues as the same things are being voiced again and again but no concrete action is being taken to solve them. students are fed-up. these issues became nato - no action, talk only. please focus on real 'mahasiswa' issues. i must say that the chinese is quite typical. they won't help when you need them but when you fail, they will condemn you. ccc performed badly partly due to the selfish attitude of the majority chinese electorate in ukm. of course, the other factors are the weakness of aspirasi and strength of gmukm.

  33. just look at the previous 5-6 postings in this blog. it speaks volume on the direction of ccc. the postings are mainly on issues like kolej, fst, kelas mandarin, bus, social visit, and orientation. the latest posting is dated 6/10/12 and the earliest is 30/08/12. there is no posting worthy of a 'mahasiswa' standard that can attract the attention of ukm students of various background. ccc is like a headless chicken without a clear direction. with the current batch of leaders who are losers in campus election except for one, i don't see how they can create a paradigm shift and make ccc relevant again in ukm. it is a case of a blind leading another blind.

  34. tumpang komen. memang tepat auku sudah dipindah. mahasiswa boleh terlibat dalam politik di luar kampus tanpa sebarang ketakutan. maksudnya, pelajar akan lebih terdedah kepada ideologi, pengetahuan dan kemahiran politik dari luar dan boleh mengaplikasi dalam politik kampus. ini adalah amat bermanfaat untuk gmukm kerana gerakan mereka sememangnya berlandaskan politik negara. sebaliknya, pindaan auku akan menjahanamkan ccc dan pah kerana mahasiswa cina dan india kurang ambil berat tentang perkembangan politik tanah air ketika dalam kampus. mereka lebih suka terlibat dalam aktiviti akademik dan rekreasi. kepimpinan aspirasi, ccc dan pah semakin tahun semakin lemah kerana gagal mengambil peluang untuk belajar ilmu politik dari luar seperti yang dibenarkan oleh pindaan auku.

  35. Greeting to all.

    Greetings to all

    I am Ahmad Yasyri Bin Ahmad Mahaiyuddin, MPP UKM Session 2012/2013. The matter that arises here shows there's in need to work towards unity. Yes, there might be a big problem in the coalition between Aspirasi-CCC-PAH, but dont forget the other races that are available in UKM itself. 9 people win that represented Aspirasi already made so many 1st move in gaining trust from people and support. It's not about political too much, but as we all can see, in 9 MPP UKM that made pact, we never leave out others. We include representative from Chinese community itself, Low Mee Yein because i wanna prove to all that we can work as a whole, not group nor individuals. We are trying to get all the possible help form all the community in UKM to help us in making the changes and transformation. now its not about club-movements, now it's about believing in each other and see who are actually doing the work.

    I was the YDP JAKSA for Kolej Ungku Omar last session, I was the President foR Chemistry Club,FST and joined so many organizations. This exposed me to so many things and i've shared my vision to all the 8 MPP that are with me so that we can move in a team. We cant move based on each and everyone ideology, but try to look for the similarities and work towards it. I already made a move towards unity and transformation, and i hope all would understand that.

    To the person commenting on my effort and Manifesto in last PRK, keep in mind, that mine wasnt the same as any others. try to look more before commenting. it's not wrong to comment, but we need to look deep before we speak.


  36. Good morning, everyone. Thanks for your concerns and opinions for Chinese Community Council UKM. It will be Majlis Watikah Perlantikan Ahli Jawatankuasa for CCC on Thursday (11/10) at DAM, 7.30pm. On that day, I, on behalf of Chinese Community Council UKM, will announce future directions of CCC UKM. We sincerely invite everyone to be present. We could have some interaction to exchange views and opinions afterwards. See you there!

  37. nampaknya mpp aspirasi sudah mula memberikan kenyataan. boleh jelaskan persoalan yang saya bangkitkan di bawah ini:-

    1. mengapa tidak meletakkan calon untuk 7 kerusi dan membiarkan gmukm menang tanpa bertanding? adakah calon menarik diri pada saat akhir? adakah tindakan dikenakan terhadap calon ini?

    2. kalau sejak dari awal tiada calon untuk 7 kerusi tersebut, mengapa tidak diberikan kepada ccc dan pah untuk bertanding?

    3. mengapa terdapat lebih daripada satu menu mengundi calon aspirasi sehingga nama calon ccc 'dihilangkan' daripada menu?

    4. mengapa hantar 6 calon untuk bertanding 5 kerusi umum tahun 1/2? akibatnya, calon ccc kalah di kerusi selamat ini.

    5. kekuatan aspirasi dalam politik kampus ukm sesi ini semakin tenat disebabkan kelemahan dan kegagalan pemimpin dan mpp sesi lepas. adakah mereka akan dipertanggungjawabkan ataupun bersara dengan begitu sahaja?

    orang boleh terima pemimpin yang gagal sekiranya dia sanggup dipertanggungjawabkan dan menerima hukuman. tetapi orang tak boleh terima pemimpin yang gagal dan buat tak kisah atau 'cuci tangan' begitu sahaja.

    saya harap saudara mpp Ahmad Yasyri Bin Ahmad Mahaiyuddin dapat jawab persoalan saya di atas kerana ccc terkena tempias teruk akibat kelemahan pemimpin aspirasi sesi lepas.

    terima kasih.

    -bekas pemimpin ccc yang sudah bersara dan sekarang amat terkilan dengan prestasi generasi muda-

  38. Adakah kegagalan PRK kali ini merupakan tanggungjawab Aspirasi menyusun strategi ataupun kelemahan pemimpin sesi lepas? Jika ditelitikan, didahului dengan 7-0 adalah kelemahan pemimpin yang cuci tangan sahaja? Sekiranya disebut Aspirasi semakin tenat adalah kelemahan pemimpin yang lepas saya pun setuju. Kalau dah bagi orang leading 7-0, saya rasa C.Ronaldo/Messi/Aguero dengan pimpinan Alex Ferguson pun susah nak kejar balik. Lihatlah strategi yang diaturkan, nama ccc hilang dari menu, hantar 6 calon untuk 5 seat. Apakah motifnya? Saya berharap Aspirasi boleh jelaskan persoalan serta menganalis sebab kekalahan dahulu baru putuskan hukuman perlu dijatuhkan kepada pemimpin sesi lepas atau pemimpin sekarang.

  39. yang paling tak adil adalah kepada pemimpin generasi sekarang ini kerana menerima 'hukuman' bagi pihak pemimpin sesi lepas yang gagal dan cuai dalam tugas. pemimpin sekarang dihukum dalam medan pilihan raya ketika menjadi calon dan dikalahkan. sekarang ini, terpaksa memikul tanggungjawab untuk mentransformasi parti masing-masing dan menjadikannya relevan kembali. tugas ini amatlah berat apatah lagi tanpa jawatan mpp. satu lagi, pelajar cina dan india ukm secara umum kini telah kehilangan suara dalam pmukm dan tercicir daripada arus perdana politik kampus. mereka menjadi '2nd class student' dalam ukm. nama sahaja 'kebangsaan' dalam perkataan ukm, tapi komposisi pmukm dan suara perwakilan langsung tidak mencerminkan 'kebangsaan'. inilah akibat kerana aspirasi-ccc-pah gagal mengenakan tahap akauntabiliti yang tinggi terhadap pemimpin yang gagal dalam tugas. sebab itu, pemimpin pelapis mereka turut cuai dalam tugas kerana berpendapat tiada hukuman akan dikenakan. apabila aspirasi kalah semenjak sesi lepas, sepatutnya langkah pemulihan diambil sejak hari itu. kerana masih bersenang-lenang dan tidak melatih pelapis dengan baik, kali ini kalah lagi dengan akibat yang lebih teruk.

  40. Not only the CCC head must address the members on the future direction this coming Thursday, but the Aspirasi head or maybe Mr. MPP Ahmad Yasyri Bin Ahmad Mahaiyuddin must explain to CCC members on why Aspirasi can lose terribly in this election. But i bet that Aspirasi will never do so because they are weak, no credibility and still in denial syndrome. Just as what Mahathir had said before, Melayu Mudah Lupa. Aspirasi MPP will 'buat selamba' and hope that the people will forget about its lousy leadership. They will seat in PMUKM doing nothing and enjoy the perks/benefits and at the end of the term, they will 'cuci tangan' and graduate just like that. Hello Mr. Ahmad Yasyri, I dare you to reply to the questions no. 1-5 above.

  41. Gajah sama gajah berlawan, kancil mati di tengah-tengah. GMUKM lawan Aspirasi (kedua-dua pun Melayu), Cina dan India 'mati' di tengah-tengah. Tak kira sama ada GMUKM atau Aspirasi yang menang, suara mahasiswa Melayu pasti terjamin dalam PMUKM. Bertuah sungguh. Tapi kasihan pada mahasiswa Cina dan India. Macam mana nak ganti balik kerusi MPP CCC dan PAH yang hilang? Minta GMUKM lantik jawatan Senator di kalangan calon CCC dan PAH yang tewas, boleh? Ada peruntukan dalam perlembagaan PMUKM?

  42. Persoalan penyusunan strategi pihak Aspirasi dalam PRK ini merupakan percaturan yang dibuat oleh kepimpinan tertinggi Aspirasi, dan saya juga merupakan calon, yang pada asalnya tidak tersenarai pun. But i dare to step in and God Bless, i received 541 people's trust for me to lead in faculty, and all 8 MPP from Aspirasi placed their trust in me to lead this 9 membered MPP UKM.

    Perkara yang berlaku disifatkan sesuatu yang menghampakan daripada semua pihak.
    Soalan 1, sememangnya ade permasalahan teknikal seperti ketidak-setarafan sijil kepimpinan yang terlepas pandang, permasalahan mendapatkan mengesahan Akademik dan Disiplin.
    Soalan 2, permasalahan itu timbul/dikenalpasti sewaktu Penamaan Calon itu. soal pengantian calon CCC, PAH, Aspirasi yang lain berikutan tidak bersedia dengan dokumen2 pengesahan yang perlu dibawa semasa tempoh penamaan calon, iaitu hanya selama 2jam.
    Soalan 3, "menu calon" itu dikenalpasti bukan dibuat oleh Aspirasi Pusat, tapi inisiatif jentera2 yang berlainan yang mungkin tidak berhubung dgn pihak CCC.

    Bagi soalan 4 & 5 merupakan luar bidang kuasa/pengetahuan saya.

    Tapi saya ingin berikan jaminan bahawa dibawah perjalanan 9 org MPP ini, saya menggerakan pihak MPP saya agar bergerak dengan efisyen dan inisiatif yg saya ambil adalah untuk mengembalikan kepercayaan drpd siswa/i kepada pihak kami, MPP UKM, sebab kami tahu,cara yang lama mungkin tidak relevan. Saya juga telah mengambil langkah untuk bersama-sama persatuan pelajar dalam membina rangkaian kerjasama.
    Percayalah, kualiti adalah lebih baik daripada kuantiti. pihak kami menggerakkan segala mendahului pihak-pihak yang lain.
    berikanlah kepercayaan kepada kami bagi menggerakkan agenda penyatuan kami supaya kemenangan akan berpihak kepada MPP UKM pada sesi akan datang melalui usaha-usaha yg kami lakukan.

    add saya di Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/yasyri) supaya semua tahu tentang gerak kerja yg kami lakukan yang telah mendahului "mereka"

  43. terima kasih saudara ahmad yasyri. saya puji kerana sanggup jawab persoalan yang dibangkitkan. tak hairan kamu boleh jadi pemimpin aspirasi sesi ini. di bawah adalah respon saya:-

    soalan 1,2 dan 3. saya anggap tak timbul isu cubaan aspirasi untuk sabotaj ccc dan pah. tapi timbul soal ketidakcekapan dan kelemahan pimpinan jentera aspirasi. adakah kamu terlibat dalam jentera? bukankah aspirasi setiap tahun pun bertanding prk? mana boleh melakukan kesilapan teknikal/menu/pencalonan dalam soalan 1,2 dan 3? siapa ketua jentera?

    soalan 4 dan 5. kalau kamu selaku pemimpin no. 1 aspirasi sesi ini pun tak ada kuasa nak jawab soalan 4 dan 5, siapa nak bertanggungjawab? adakah kamu begitu pemurah dan pemaaf terhadap pemimpin lepas yang gagal dalam tugas? adakah tahap akauntabiliti dalam aspirasi begitu rendah sekali?

    kamu kata "kualiti adalah lebih baik daripada kuantiti". kalau tak pentingkan kuantiti, aspirasi tak payah lagi nak hantar calon tanding prk tahun depan. dalam prk, kuantiti sama penting dengan kualiti. kena menang kuantiti majoriti dalam pmukm dulu baru ada peluang nak tonjol kualiti. adakah kamu masih dalam 'denial syndrome'? kerana tak dapat menang gmukm dalam aspek kuantiti, maka sekarang guna alasan kualiti yang lebih subjektif. lagipun, adakah kamu yakin bahawa mpp aspirasi lebih berkualiti daripada mpp gmukm? mereka lebih ramai mpp, ramai penyokong, kurang kesilapan teknikal masa prk, lebih bersatu dan selalu update blog.

  44. Jujurnya saya tidak terlibat dalam jentera, namun perlunya diketahui adanya jentera induk juga jentera calon.
    Bagi persoalan ketua jentera, beliau tiada bersama dalam perbincangan ini dan pihak calon juga kesal dan kecewa terhadap kekalahan 7 kerusi yang berlaku pada hari penamaan calon, 25 September lepas.

    Soalan 4 & 5 telah sy katakan bahawa ianyaluar dari bidang kuasa saya kerana ia bukan percaturan/penyusunan yang dilakukan oleh pihak calon. Walapun hendak meletakkan kesalahan itu pada pemimpin lepas, ia tidak boleh mengubah keputusan PRK yg telahpun berlangsung. yang penting sekarang adalah gerak kerja dalam menjaga nama universiti dan kebajikan mahasiswa.

    Saudara, andainya calon tidak dihantar, bagaimana hendak diberikan mandat? bagi sy, tidak semestinya dengan pegang jawatan dlm PMUKM baru dapat nk tonjolkan kualiti. Berikan sy kualiti yang ditunjukkan pd PMUKM sesi lepas terhadap UKM?
    Saya selaku YDP JAKSA KUO sesi lepas tidak merasakan langsung peranan PMUKM. Penyokong tidak menjadi soal, tp kepercayaan yang siswa/i telah berikan pada 28 MPP untuk melaksanakan tugas, itu adalah amanah dan tanggungjawab.

  45. saudara mpp ahmad yasyri. perlu ingat sekarang anda adalah ketua mpp aspirasi dalam pmukm di mana gmukm mempunyai hampir majoriti 2/3. anda semakin terlibat dalam politik kampus dan menjadi ketua kepada pembangkang minoriti. jangan anggap memimpin aspirasi minoriti dalam pmukm sama seperti pengalaman anda yang lepas ketika dalam jaksa atau kelab atau persatuan. pmukm adalah badan politik dan terdapat 2 pemisahan ideologi yang ketara. saya beranggapan jawatan jaksa kolej adalah disandang melalui pelantikan terus dan bukannya melalui prk yang sengit. betulkan kesilapan saya kalau jaksa sekarang menggunakan sistem pilihan raya seperti pmukm. tepuk dada tanya selera. kalau kolej kediaman juga mengadakan pilihan raya untuk exco jaksa, adakah kamu masih begitu mudah dapat pegang jawatan ydp? semua exco jaksa adalah 'sama geng' dan 'subservient' kepada pengetua kolej. oleh itu, jaksa akan memberi kerjasama dan mempunyai matlamat yang sama. dalam pmukm, kamu akan menerima tentangan dalam kebanyakan perkara. malahan, peluang untuk bersuara juga akan dicantas. peranan kamu selaku minoriti akan ditekan/diperkecilkan. kamu mungkin no. 1 dalam aspirasi, jaksa kuo dan kelab kimia serta semua exco juga menurut arahan kamu dan bersatu padu. tapi ingat, sekarang kamu adalah 'subordinate' dalam pmukm. gmukm adalah 'hostile' terhadap aspirasi.

    sila ingat bahawa aspirasi adalah gerakan politik. sebab itu, setiap kali prk akan menghantar calon bertanding dan mengadakan pakatan politik dengan ccc dan pah. maka untuk menentukan kejayaan adalah kayu ukuran politik, iaitu keterimaan mahasiswa seluruh ukm terhadap calon aspirasi yang bertanding. jawapannya adalah dalam keputusan prk.

    mana boleh kamu kata "Saya selaku YDP JAKSA KUO sesi lepas tidak merasakan langsung peranan PMUKM". kalau pmukm pimpinan gmukm sesi lepas tiada peranan atau tiada kualiti, adakah mahasiswa ukm yang mengundi calon gmukm itu bodoh sehingga sanggup menyokong dan memberi kemenangan besar kepada sesuatu yang 'tiada peranan' dan 'tiada kualiti'? mengapa aspirasi masih menghantar calon bertanding termasuk kamu sendiri? lagipun, penubuhan mpp/pmukm dan prk adalah mustahak sehingga diperuntukkan di bawah seksyen 48 auku. kenyataan kamu telah merendahkan kebijaksanaan mahasiswa yang turun mengundi dan sistem prk itu sendiri.